Biden's border crisis has FILLED detention centers

May 1, 2023
World Net Daily

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The southern border has been a crisis ever since Joe Biden took office and, on his first day there, canceled a long list of border security programs, like the wall construction, that had been implemented by President Donald Trump.

As a result, there have been millions of illegal aliens crossing the border and working their way into the social and financial benefits offered by America.

That total had reached more than two million by last fall already – just for the fiscal year.

And that doesn't count the many, many who have evaded contact with American authorities completely.

While Biden repeatedly has claimed the border is "secure," thousands are crossing – illegally – into the nation each day.

So the newest report, from the Department of Homeland Security, should be no surprise: America's detention facilities are full.

A report from AdnaAmerica has explained there currently are 20,500 migrants in the custody of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

That's maximum capacity.

While authorities say the actual number in custody varies day to day, the Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley sector as of last weekend was holding 7,500 – even though its capacity was 4,000.

"I want to say the first two weeks of April, we were averaging about maybe 1,700 Venezuelan nationals entering illegally into the country through that particular area in Brownsville," said Gloria Chavez, a Border Patrol executive for the Rio Grande Valley.

"And then two weeks later, towards the end, here the last eight days, we saw an uptick of over 15,000 Venezuelans."

That likely is being prompted by the looming end of a Title 42 program under which illegals could be rejected because of COVID.

The report said, "Title 42 was implemented in March 2020 to allow border patrol agents to quickly expel undocumented migrants without allowing them to apply for asylum in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The policy is set to end this month on May 11, after which asylum seekers will no longer be deported back to their home countries."

The result, according to expectations from the DHS, will be about 400,000 migrants a month coming to the border.

Thousands, in fact, already are waiting in Mexico just for that practice to end.

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