Poll shows Biden’s quarterly average approval lower than all modern-era predecessors

It is abundantly clear to most Americans without the benefit of polling data that President Joe Biden’s job performance has been absolutely abysmal thus far, and seems to be getting even worse nearly by the day.

That sentiment is only further crystalized once polling data is added into the equation, such as a recent one that showed that Biden’s average approval rating at this point in his presidency is lower than all of his predecessors going back nearly 70 years, Hot Air reported.

Indeed, Biden’s job approval ratings at this point are even lower than the numbers for former Presidents Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter, meaning that Biden has nominally claimed the dubious distinction of being the least approved president of the modern era.

Performing worse than all modern-era predecessors

The pollsters at Gallup surveyed 1,013 U.S. adults between July 5-26, with a margin of error of 4 percent, and found that President Biden’s job approval had dipped below 40 percent for the first time to end up at 38 percent while his disapproval rating had reached an all-time high for him at 59 percent.

Pulling back slightly to look more broadly at the most recent quarter, mid-April to mid-July, Gallup established that Biden had an average approval rating of just 40 percent for that period of time, his sixth full quarter in office.

That sixth quarter approval average for Biden is lower than the figures for all of his predecessors going back to President Dwight Eisenhower, including Carter and Trump who were tied with 42 percent average approval, as well as Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, who had average approval ratings at the same point of 44, 46, and 47 percent, respectively.

The poll further showed that in addition to having hit his own personal approval low point and having a lower average approval than all of his modern-era predecessors, Biden’s approval also reached a new low of 31 percent among independent voters and tied his low point among Democratic voters at 78 percent.

Biden’s dismal approval ratings

These findings from Gallup seem to coincide with FiveThirtyEight‘s constantly updated job approval tracker for President Biden, which currently shows him with 56 percent disapproval and 39.7 percent approval.

That site also looks back at the approval ratings for past presidents going back to President Harry Truman for the sake of comparison, and currently shows that as of Day 558 of each respective presidency, Biden is performing worse than all others except Truman and, by just 0.7 percent, Carter.

Similar results are also found with the RealClearPolitics average of presidential approval polls, albeit without the direct comparison to his predecessors, which shows that Biden’s approval ratings are underwater by -17.6 percentage points, with an average approval of 38.6 percent compared to an average disapproval of 56.2 percent.

Bad news for Biden and Democrats

None of this is good news for President Biden, who increasingly looks like he might not even be able to finish out his term in office, much less run for a second term in 2024.

It also doesn’t bode well for Biden’s Democratic Party, which was already facing historic strong headwinds moving toward this year’s midterm elections and now must also contend with the veritable anchor around their necks that is the least approved president in the modern era.

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