Biden’s approval among Hispanic voters plunges to 19%

President Joe Biden’s approval rating fell to 19% among Hispanic voters in a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll.

Hispanics were the least likely demographic to approve of Biden, the poll of 1,523 Americans found. Among Hispanic respondents, 19% approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, 23% approved of his foreign policy, 45% approved of his coronavirus response and 22% approved of his handling of gun violence.

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Hispanic respondents also appeared to prefer former President Donald Trump to Biden, with 38% holding a favorable view of Trump, the poll found. This demographic also favored Republicans in the coming midterms, with 45% wanting Republican control of the Senate and 43% preferring Democrat control.

This demographic also had more favorable views of the Supreme Court compared to Biden; 32% of Hispanics approved of how the court was handling its job, compared to 17% of black respondents and 42% of white respondents.

White and black voters were more likely to approve of Biden compared to Hispanics, at 29% and 61% respectively, the poll found.

Biden has fared poorly in other recent polls, hitting an all-time low in economic approval ratings Monday and consistently polling poorly among Hispanics. He won 63% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, but his approval rating in this demographic has been steadily declining.

The poll was conducted July 14-18 and had a margin of error of 2.5%.