Biden’s amnesty plan in Dems budget bill shot down by Senate parliamentarian

Congressional Democrats want nothing more than to act on President Joe Biden’s massive amnesty plans to pave a path to American citizenship for literally millions of illegal immigrants.

But according to The Washington Times, the party’s plan to sneak amnesty language into a monstrous $3.5 trillion spending bill was just shot down by Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, who ruled that inserting such language would violate the rules. 

Democrats were quick to criticize the ruling, but vowed to push forward and find some other trick to make the amnesty program a reality.

The failed plan

Democrats were hoping to use the reconciliation tactic on the amnesty language in the $3.5 trillion spending bill, which would have meant the upper chamber could have passed it through without fear of a successful Republican filibuster.

But now that MacDonough quashed the amnesty part of the plan, Democrats are seemingly running out of near-term options to ensure it gets passed.

One of the Senate parliamentarian’s primary duties is to ensure that any proposals inserted into such bills actually pertain to the budget. MacDonough clearly doesn’t believe amnesty fits the bill, so to speak.

However, Democrats have argued that amnesty for some eight million illegal aliens would mean hundreds of billions in additional revenue for the government, using that, and other excuses, as justification for attaching such a plan to the budget bill.

Republicans were quick to strike back, saying that any short-term gains were essentially unintended, and added that over time, such a plan would actually raise the deficit.

Idea is a “disaster”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wasn’t shy about his thoughts on providing a path to citizenship for millions inside of a massive spending bill, saying such a plan would amount to a “disaster.”

“Having worked on several comprehensive immigration reform bills, I believe that using the reconciliation process to provide legal status to illegal immigrants would be a disaster,” Graham said of the Democrats’ failed plan.

He added: “It would have led to an increased run on the border – beyond the chaos we already have there today.”

With Democrats under pressure from a number of immigration advocacy groups, only time will tell if they’re able to slide such a ridiculous plan into the budget bill. However, at this point, it seems as if they’re making the rules up as they go, so such inclusion wouldn’t be totally surprising.

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