Biden’s Afghanistan situation is ‘basically lost,’ US intelligence official says

As President Joe Biden spends a relaxing weekend at Camp David, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly as Taliban forces reclaim vast portions of the war-torn country at impressive speeds.

While the U.S. State Department and Pentagon officials are doing their best to downplay the seriousness of what’s happening in Afghanistan, some U.S. intelligence officials are telling a vastly different story, with one official indicating that the “situation is basically lost,” the Washington Examiner reports

Nearly two-thirds of Afghanistan is now controlled by Taliban forces, who rapidly retook large portions of their country after Biden’s troop withdrawal.

What’s going on?

An Indo-Pacific intelligence official essentially told the Examiner in a statement that the situation in Afghanistan is much worse than the narrative that the Biden administration is attempting to push in press conferences and media interviews.

“What the Taliban is doing now is kind of humiliating everybody. … There is very little to prevent them from militarily taking over Kabul as and when they feel like doing it,” the unnamed official reportedly said.

Reports from the media and other foreign officials and intelligence operatives point to the inevitable fall of Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, likely in a matter of days.

“The swiftness of the Taliban sweep across the country has made it extremely unlikely that Kabul will be able to hold out for more than a few weeks,” a Eurasia Group assessment said in a Friday statement. “The Taliban now control more territory than when they were last in power in 2001.”

According to CNBC, the Pentagon deployed at least 3,000 U.S. troops to Kabul on Friday, a contingent made up of several U.S. Marine and U.S. Army infantry units. The troops will fly in to help secure Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and assist with U.S. embassy evacuations.

Where’s Biden?

The president doesn’t seem to be all that concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, as it was reported on Friday that he traveled from his Delaware home not to the White House, but to Camp David, where presidents go for a little luxury R&R, Fox News reported.

His trip to Camp David, reportedly, is part of his two-week break from Washington D.C., and the timing of his vacation literally couldn’t be worse, given everything happening in America and abroad.

The president also faces a dangerously escalating inflation crisis, an out-of-control, record-setting immigration influx at the U.S. border made even worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a pair of infrastructure bills that might soon fall apart in the House.

While the Afghanistan situation could have theoretically deteriorated in a similar fashion under former President Donald Trump, it’s probably safe to say that Trump would have reacted quite differently. At the very least, he would have cut his vacation short and attended to the matter, as a president should.

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