Joe Biden will not honor Senate subpoenas if issued: Report

President Donald Trump has claimed executive privilege as a reason to defy Democrats’ subpoenas for official testimonies and documents — and now, he’s being impeached for “obstruction of Congress” because of it.

But according to Breitbart, former Vice President Joe Biden recently made the fatal mistake of admitting that if the Senate calls him to appear, he will not honor its subpoena — a decision the media and Democrats are applauding him for (of course).

The legal issues

Because Democrats have been on a witch hunt, Donald Trump has blocked virtually every attempt by the party to obtain documentation from his administration.

Trump and the White House prefer to let the Supreme Court decide what is just and what is not. If the request is legitimate the final decision was against the administration, then the documents — to this point — have always been turned over.

But Democrats have refused to allow some of these cases to play out, thereby prematurely accusing Trump of obstruction. Technically, it is not ruled obstruction until a valid court order after all outlets have been exhausted has been defied.

That has not happened here.

The double standard

For his part, Joe Biden recently launched his “No Malarkey” tour, which by most people’s standards, is filled with nothing but malarkey.

When asked if he would comply with a Senate subpoena to testify about his role in his son’s placement on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Biden replied: “No, I will not yield to what everybody is looking for here.”

Biden’s decision to openly state that he will not appear before the Senate is his right. However, by the standard set by the Democrats in the House, that would be considered obstruction.

Biden knows that if he tells the truth about the whole matter, it would spell the end to his bid for the White House, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t want to testify.

The important takeaway from this episode is the outrageous double standard that Democrats and the media proudly enforce.

When Trump takes action to protect himself, it’s a “constitutional crisis.” When Joe Biden or another Democrat does the same thing, it’s celebrated by the media. What a shame.

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