Biden won't be on the ballot in 2024: Sununu

August 9, 2023
Matthew Boose

There's a greater than "50 percent" chance that Joe Biden will not be on the ballot in 2024, New Hampshire's Republican governor Chris Sununu said.

Sununu isn't the only one to have these thoughts, with questions about Biden's fitness and foreign business dealings mounting.

"Look, I’m not saying it’s definitely going to happen, but I think there’s a greater than 50% chance he is not on the ballot come November of ’24," Sununu told Fox News.

Biden gone....?

Sununu predicted that Biden will be ousted in one of two ways: either another candidate will emerge in the fall, or Biden will relinquish his delegates right before the convention, citing his health.

Such scheming, Sununu added, is not beyond the Democratic party. Anyone who can recall Hillary Clinton's coronation in 2016 - or Biden's surprise coronation in 2020 - would have to agree.

"A year from now he's going to collect all of the delegates. His health is not going to be good. He can always use that as a reason to step out. And basically tell all of his delegates to go for somebody else and kind of be the kingmaker."

Sununu broke with many of those predicting that California Gavin Newsom (D) will step in.

"I don't think any of the Democratic governors are going to stand up and do it this fall," Sununu said. "They're probably just hoping to be coronated by Joe Biden next summer, but I'm predicting probably at least one if not two."

Trump dominant...

The argument for Biden being replaced is self-explanatory: he's unpopular, feeble, and up to his knees in corruption.

And yet, all of the soulless hacks in the party are lining up behind him - from Newsom to Obama. Only time will tell if those predicting Biden's ouster are right.

Across the aisle, President Trump is running away with his party's nomination as Ron DeSantis tumbles in the polls. In New Hampshire, a whopping 62 percent of Republicans would vote for Trump even if he is convicted of a felony.

Still, Sununu, a Trump critic, insisted that Trump is "in trouble."

"When it becomes a one-on-one race shortly after New Hampshire, Trump's in trouble," Sununu said. "It's not ... the polls that Trump has. It's the polls that Trump does not have — for an incumbent Republican president to only be getting, you know, low 40% or high 30% in a place like New Hampshire. That means 60% of the people don't want him."

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