Joe Biden says candidate’s wife was ‘too young to resist’ – in Kindergarten

“Creepy Joe” Biden made a joke this week that has left Democrats scratching their heads and solidified his nickname in the process.

While stumping for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, Biden joked that Evers met his wife in kindergarten — when “she was too young to resist.”

The Event

The actual campaign event was being held for Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.

Biden, however, took his time up on stage to multi-task, switching gears to stump for Tony Evers, who is running for governor in the same state.

Known behind the scenes as a politician that never misses an opportunity to wrap his arms around a woman, Biden then suddenly started talking about Evers’ wife, Kathy.

The former VP said running for office is a “team sport.”

When Biden made his joke about Kathy Evers being “too young to resist” when the couple first met in kindergarten, you could hear the uncomfortable laugh circulate through the crowd.

Meanwhile, Biden had his arm wrapped closely around Kathy Evers and even planted a kiss on her forehead.

To anyone seeing all this play out, it was fairly apparent Kathy Evers was not exactly comfortable being in the arms of Biden on stage.

Watch the video below:

Creepy Joe

Biden’s reputation as someone that is handsy with women is widely known in D.C. circles.

One of the often-circulated pictures is of Biden holding firmly onto the arm of Senator Chris Coons daughter.

The young girl was literally cringing, but that did not stop Creepy Joe from whispering in her ear and giving her a kiss on the head.

There is another famous incident of “Joe being Joe” when Ashton Carter was announced as the new Secretary of Defense.

While Carter was speaking, Biden was in the background standing behind Mrs. Carter.

She was extremely uncomfortable, as Biden was a bit too close for comfort, arms on her shoulder, whispering into her ear.

That seems to be his “go to” move when he is around women.

In the post-#MeToo era, one would think this type of behavior would be discouraged, but Democrats take a completely different approach when it comes to Joe Biden.

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They simply claim he is from another time and liken his conduct to Richard Dawson kissing the women contestants on “Family Feud.”

The difference, though, is consent.

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