Biden team warns migrant caravan that it’s too soon to come to the border

With President Donald Trump leaving the White House in a matter of days, the immigration landscape is already changing, as President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to reverse much of Trump’s immigration policy in his first days in office.

According to Breitbart, migrants have already formed caravans and are heading toward America’s southern border in anticipation of Biden’s lax immigration policies. But over the weekend, Biden’s transition team was forced to address the massive wave, warning that it’s too soon to come to the border. 

Massive caravan

Last week, Guatemalan officials warned that a massive caravan of over 6,500 migrants were on their way to the United States.

Guatemala’s immigration spokesman Alejandra Mena said that over 3,000 Honduran migrants had already crossed Guatemala’s border, with over 5,000 migrants reportedly walking past a Honduran police checkpoint on their way out of their homeland, Reuters reported.

In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, migrants could be seen running for their lives past checkpoints guarded by heavily-armed police officers.

However, Guatemalan police officers have stopped a number of the migrants and recently made news after announcing that they would use policies already in place because of COVID-19 to use whatever force necessary to stem the flow of migrants crossing through the country, according to Reuters.

Biden team’s warning

Biden’s transition team is aware of the incoming migrants who are under the impression that the incoming president will simply let them cross the southern U.S. border without consequence, which prompted the incoming administration to issue a stark warning, NBC News reported.

A senior Biden official said in a statement that those who attempt to cross into the United States in the early days of the administration “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately.”

The official stressed that the early immigration-related legislation proposed by the Biden administration will first tackle the issue of illegal immigrants who are already residing in the United States.

Specifically, the incoming Biden administration will request that Congress pass a bill granting amnesty to some 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently living in the United States, The Daily Wire reported.

With Democrats controlling the House of Representatives and holding the tie-breaking vote in a 50–50 Senate, the Biden administration will be able to pass as much pro-immigration legislation as they desire, at least for the next two years.

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