Joe Biden admits he wants ‘no part’ of testifying in Senate impeachment trial

During a recent town hall event, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was asked by one of the attendees if he would consider going along with a proposed impeachment trial witness swap.

But Biden has clearly had enough of the speculation, and he put an end to it this week when he made it quite clear that he wants “no part” of that, according to IJR.

Take a look:

Witness reciprocity

According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) first floated the possibility of a “witness reciprocity” agreement in order to compromise with Democrats’ demands to hear new witness testimony — especially from former National Security Adviser John Bolton — in the Senate’s impeachment trial.

The Examiner reported that Cruz’s “proposed strategy would mean that if Democrats call their witnesses, Republicans could call their own as well, such as former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment process.”

Republicans want to hear from Joe Biden because of his shady business dealings: he was the point man for Ukraine in the Obama administration, and his son ended up getting a board position on a corrupt fossil fuel country that was allegedly under investigation at the time, making at least $50,000 per month. Biden also served as the point man for Costa Rica to mend the relationship allegedly damaged by the Bush administration, and his brother landed numerous contracts paid for with more than $50 million of taxpayer loans.

If Biden has his way though, we’ll never know the truth about what was really going on. When asked at the campaign event about his willingness to cooperate with the witness swap, Biden replied: “The reason why I would not make the deal, the bottom line is, this is a Constitutional issue. And we’re not going to turn into in a farce, into some kind of political theater. They’re trying to turn into political theater, but I want no part of being any part of that.”

By the way, Joe is lying

Because of the suspicious nature of the Biden family’s business dealings while Joe Biden was vice president — especially in regard to Ukraine — the GOP wants to hear both Hunter and Joe Biden’s side of the story under oath.

The former vice president maintains he never knew of any conflict and knew nothing of his son’s business ventures at the time. However, per a recent investigation by Laura Ingraham of Fox News, there was a White House meeting in January 2016 with Obama officials and numerous Ukraine officials to discuss, among other things, the possible conflict with Hunter Biden working for Burisma.

So are we to believe a White House meeting such as this took place and Joe Biden was never filled in?

Democrats are trying very hard to protect their 2020 frontrunner, but the questions are piling up, and Amerca wants answers. Joe Biden’s refusal to testify under oath just adds further fuel to the fire.

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