Biden wanders away from podium amid questions from reporters following speech at FEMA headquarters

The apparent decline of President Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities and mental health has become increasingly more evident since he took office, and it has become increasingly more difficult for the White House or the president’s ardent supporters to defend or excuse the more frequent incidents that have spurred legitimate questions.

The most recent example occurred Thursday when President Biden seemingly wandered off abruptly while taking questions from reporters and appeared to even ignore the pleas of his own top officials to remain where he was, the Daily Wire reported.

Where is he going?

President Biden on Thursday went to the Washington D.C. headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to discuss the government’s response to Hurricane Ian after it wrought massive destruction in Florida and was poised to cause additional problems in the coming days as the storm likely tracks up the East Coast.

Biden delivered prepared remarks at the FEMA headquarters, as did Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell, after which the president began to take a few questions from the pool of reporters.

At one point, as reporters were still asking questions, Biden simply walked away from the podium — and in the process ignored or missed a gesture and plea from Criswell to remain where he was — and began to mill about among the FEMA employees who had been gathered together to hear his remarks.

A possible reason for the abrupt ending

For what it is worth, the White House transcript showed that there may actually have been a reason for Biden to abruptly end the question and answer portion following his remarks at the FEMA headquarters.

Just before Biden wandered away from the podium, the president seemed to have taken issue with one of the reporters asking him questions about the rupture and leaks of the Russian Nord Stream pipeline instead of remaining focused on the hurricane response.

When the reporter continued to press the issue after Biden requested that they remain on the topic at hand, the president simply said “Thank you” and walked away.

Habit of aimless wandering after speeches

Separate but relatedly, the Daily Wire reported just a week ago about the increased frequency with which President Biden briefly appears to be lost or wanders aimlessly on stage after finishing a speech.

The outlet shared several video clips of different such occurrences dating back to the 2020 campaign, and wondered if it was simply due to inadequate direction from his incompetent staffers on what to do or where to go after his remarks are concluded or if the aimless wandering was a sign of Biden’s age and apparent mental decline.

Neither of the prospects is particularly good, and the whole thing is rendered even more unfortunate by the fact that the vast majority of the mainstream media simply refuse to do their job and ask pertinent questions about the president’s concerning behavior or how he is handled by his staffers.

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