Biden vows in DNC speech to ban ‘assault weapons’ again if Democrats control Congress

When Congress passed a bipartisan gun control bill earlier this year, many gun owners expressed concerns that anti-gun Democrats would remain unsatisfied and would soon attempt to further infringe upon the Second Amendment-protected rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

That fear was confirmed Thursday when President Joe Biden himself loudly reiterated his commitment to imposing another so-called “assault weapons” ban on the nation, Breitbart reported.

Biden’s vow to once again ban hugely popular and commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles across the nation was just one of several legislative priorities laid out by the president that is contingent upon his Democratic Party maintaining and expanding their control of both the House and Senate following the midterm elections.

Biden going after “assault weapons” again

President Biden delivered remarks Thursday night at a rally for the Democratic National Committee in a high school auditorium in Rockville, Maryland, and early on said, “I want to be crystal clear about what’s on the ballot this year,” which among many things included, “The safety of your kids from gun violence is on the ballot.”

A short while later, while listing off his party’s accomplishments thus far, Biden proclaimed to great applause, “We took on the NRA, and we beat them. We just passed the first significant gun safety legislation in 30 years in this country.”

“And I promise you, we’re not stopping here. I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country,” he continued. “I did it once before, and we will do it again.”

“Assault weapons” ban is a top legislative priority

He went on to rattle off a list of locations of high-profile mass shootings over the past decade, about half of which occurred in schools, and suggested the impetus for additional restrictions on gun rights was necessary to protect children who should be “learning how to read and write in school instead of learning how to duck and cover.”

Toward the end of his speech, Biden said, “If we elect two more senators, we keep the House — and Democrats, we’re going to get a lot of unfinished business we’re going to get done.”

Among a litany of “unfinished business” mentioned by the president was: “We’ll ban assault weapons.”

Biden is insistent, but gun owners unlikely to comply

This is not particularly surprising, given that President Biden has been adamant since the 2020 campaign that, if given the opportunity, he will not hesitate to ban or heavily restrict the sales and ownership of so-called “assault weapons” in America, despite how hugely popular and increasingly commonly owned such semi-automatic rifles are with the American people.

In fact, Breitbart noted, according to estimates from the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, there are likely anywhere from 18-25 million AR-15-style and AK-47-style rifles and pistols in the hands of American citizens today — the real number is likely higher — and it is highly unlikely that those gun owners will tolerate further attempts to infringe upon their God-given rights or relinquish their lawfully purchased and possessed private property.

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