Biden voicing more obscenities for Netanyahu, report says

 February 12, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden, after America's staunch Middle East ally Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists last Oct. 7, emphasized the nation is standing with Israel in its war on terrorism.

But the statements quickly faded and Biden more and more has been giving Israel, through Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, instructions on what it should be doing.

Withdraw from one region, making accommodations for civilians in another, allowing more time, providing more resources, and much more, Biden's instructions have insisted.

But Israeli leaders aren't necessarily at his beck and call, and he's finding that frustrating.

Just in the last few days, Biden had objected to a planned Israeli military operation in Rafah, in southern Gaza, instructing Netanyahu that no plan should go ahead without a "credible" plan for protecting a million people "sheltering" there.

A "senior administration" official told reporters some 1.3 million people are in the city who have "dire humanitarian needs."

Israel's goal has been to accelerate operations so that there is a path to its goal of eliminating the terror threat that Hamas provides.

Biden officials have warned that Israel's plans are too much and more attention must be paid to Biden's desires for progress on a cease-fire and a way to halt the shooting entirely.

Now the Daily Caller reports Biden is losing what patience he had, and has been delivering angry and insulting outbursts against Netanyahu.

The report said three sources told NBC that Biden reportedly has been calling Netanyahu an "a******" in various conversations.

As the Israel-Hamas war rages on in the Middle East, Biden has been "venting" against Netanyahu because Israel has not been following Biden's instructions as he wants, the report said.

Biden has been under pressure from antisemitic individuals and groups around the globe, including in Congress and the State Department, to reduce or eliminate support for Israel.

Subsequently, Biden's characterizations have changed, and recently he called Israel's work "over the top."

A White House spokesperson claimed then that the president's position "hasn't changed."

WND previously reported on Biden's foul-mouthed outbursts, including those against President Trump.

It was then Biden called the Israeli leader, a "bad f***ing guy," according to Biden.

It was the Jerusalem Post that cited a column from Politico that described Biden's egregious actions.

The name-calling happened in a private conversation, the report said.

Biden's White House denied it.

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