Biden violated federal law in 'Pride' promotion, experts say

June 12, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden constantly unleashes rants against those who have failed to adopt his presidency's main goal – promoting the LGBT lifestyle choices to all Americans including children.

He's repeatedly suggested changing the nation's laws to accomplish his ideology.

Critics complained that the concern was unfounded because there was another flag flying at the White House at another location that was "higher."

But a commentary at the Washington Stand by Suzanne Bowdey said the weekend display by Biden represented "the "LGBT fixation" held by the "current resident" of the White House.

"It was a stark contrast to the mood in the rest of America, where the fury over Pride displays has reached a deafening roar."

She explained, "That all seems lost on Joe Biden, who hosted the largest Pride event in White House history on Saturday. The South Lawn event came just two days after the president savaged the Americans opposed to his wildly irresponsible agenda of transgenderism. In a scripted response to a PBS reporter, the president unloaded on parents who are up in arms about the indoctrination of their sons and daughters, calling the opposition to child mutilation 'hysterical' and 'cruel.'"

She blasted PBS News White House correspondent Laura Barron-Lopez for her "coordinated exchange" with Biden.

Parroting the ideology's talking points, Barron-Lopez asked, "All over the country … Republican-led states are passing laws — passing anti-LGBT, anti-transgender laws that restrict rights and medical care. Intimidation is on the rise. This week, anti-LGBTQ protesters turned violent in California." She claimed there are parents considering moving out of the U.S. because local governments are adopting limits on those procedures in which children's bodies are deliberately mutilated.

She said, "Why do you think this is happening? And what do you say to parents like the ones that I spoke to — to those families who are contemplating leaving the country because they don’t feel safe anymore?"

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