Biden faces criticism for appearing to violate his own mask order

Upon taking office this week, President Joe Biden was swift in ordering that masks be worn at all times on federal property amid concerns over COVID-19.

Just hours later, however, Biden and members of his family were caught gathered without masks at an event at the Lincoln Memorial — a clear and blatant violation of the order the president had just signed earlier that day, as the New York Post reported.

Mask mandate?

Among more than a dozen executive actions taken immediately by Biden after becoming president was his order making face coverings mandatory for everyone inside federal buildings or on federal property.

The order explicitly states that “individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines.”

But video of the Inauguration Day event at the Lincoln Memorial showed Biden sans mask, even as another unidentified individual was standing beside him, according to the Post.

In addition, a photo taken at that event showed Biden’s daughter Ashley and several of his grandchildren posing together in a tight grouping without wearing any masks, despite the fact that the memorial is located on federal property, reports noted.

Another blunder

That wasn’t Biden’s only violation of his own mask order this week, however; Breitbart reported that the president was seen the next day inside the White House without a mask while taking part in a ceremony in the State Dining Room.

He even reportedly coughed directly into his hands several times while delivering remarks, a violation of the CDC guidelines his mask mandate was based upon, which urge people to cough or sneeze into their elbows or shoulders.

Adding to the irony, Biden — still not wearing a mask — referenced in his remarks his own order signed the day before, calling mask-wearing a “patriotic act” that is the “single best thing we can do” to slow the spread of the coronavirus, as Breitbart noted.

“Bigger” issues?

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles called out the glaring hypocrisy in a tweet on Thursday. “How anyone could watch the entire Biden family traipse around federal land without masks yesterday just hours after Joe signed an executive order mandating masks on federal lands and still think the masks are anything but a political prop astounds me,” he wrote.

Pressed Thursday on the matter, newly christened White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki largely dismissed concerns, according to The Washington Times, saying the president was “celebrating” a “historic” event and was “surrounded by his family” — as if a virus would be aware of such circumstances.

“I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time,” Psaki added, apparently blind to her boss’s double-talk.

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