Biden campaign video quotes Ukrainian activist who called Hunter’s Burisma role ‘a very bad thing’

Despite several months having passed since the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s position on the board of corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings began to widely circulate, former Vice President Joe Biden only just now dispatched his 2020 campaign’s “rapid response director” Andrew Bates to try and debunk the story.

There were numerous problems with Team Biden’s response, but perhaps the most glaring is the fact that the polished and highly-produced video features a quote from a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist who is also on record as having decried Hunter Biden’s employment with Burisma as a “very bad thing,” The Daily Caller reported.

Biden tells what “really happened”

The video from Team Biden purported to tell what “really happened” in Ukraine with regard to Joe and Hunter Biden, particularly as to the allegation that the then-vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine if that nation didn’t fire its general prosecutor, Victor Shokin, who was known to be probing questionable dealings at Burisma.

In making the case that Biden was justified in using pressure to force the firing of Shokin, Team Biden quoted a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist named Daria Kaleniuk, who said in the video of Shokin, “We will not allow him, actually, to maintain this Soviet system of prosecution which intimidates people.”

You can watch the Team Biden video below. (Kaleniuk’s quote comes approximately one minute into the four-minute effort.)

Hunter “did a very bad thing”

What Team Biden left out of their video — either due to ignorance or incompetence or simply because they’d prefer you not know — is the fact that Kaleniuk has also been highly critical of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Burisma.

In a lengthy and rather damning June 2019 article from ABC News that delved into the questions surrounding Hunter Biden’s dubious international business involvement in Ukraine and China, Kaleniuk was quoted as saying the former vice president’s son was “wrong” to have taken a position with the corrupt energy firm of Burisma, as he was allowing them to use him and “his name” for their corrupt purposes.

“I think that Hunter Biden did a very bad thing and he was very wrong,” Kaleniuk, who otherwise supports Joe Biden, told ABC. “He allowed his name to be abused.”

Not going to cut it

It must be noted that there were other issues with Team Biden’s video above and beyond the selective quote from the Ukrainian activist but, suffice it to say, this effort to summarily dismiss the questions regarding Joe and Hunter Biden and “what really happened” in Ukraine was far from convincing.

The Hunter Biden/Burisma issue isn’t going away anytime soon — and certainly not due to a half-hearted, belated explanatory video that raises more questions than it answers.

The fact of the matter is that Biden might as well throw in the towel on his presidential campaign if he can’t figure out how to address the justifiable concerns of American voters in a reasonable and timely fashion.

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