Biden vacations in Delaware less than three weeks before midterms

President Joe Biden has repeatedly urged the American people to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterms, but with only 17 days to go before all the votes are due in, he decided it would be a good idea to take a long weekend in Delaware.

Biden will travel to Delaware on Friday to give a speech about college debt, then head to his beach house until Monday while Democrat candidates around the country spend the weekend frantically campaigning while at least 23 states are already voting, with more to follow within days.

The White House has declined to say why Biden’s schedule is so light ahead of the midterms.

Republicans have speculated that Biden’s unpopularity has made it so candidates don’t actually want him to campaign on their behalf, while Biden’s obviously declining health and mental acuity have also been floated as reasons why he might not be keeping a tighter schedule.

Biden is not much help

Biden’s most recent stop was in Pennsylvania to campaign for Senate candidate John Fetterman, whose lead over Dr. Mehmet Oz has evaporated as his own mental fitness after a May stroke has come into question.

Biden and Fetterman appeared together at both ends of the state, first in Pittsburgh and later in Philadelphia, about a five-hour drive away. Fetterman actually ditched his signature hoodie and wore a slightly rumpled suit, but it didn’t really help him look the part.

In fact, he refused to respond at all to reporters’ questions in Pittsburgh at a bridge rebuilding. He just totally ignored them in an attempt to avoid any further gaffes, which have been hurting his campaign.

Both Fetterman and Oz have needed a teleprompter to speak coherently, and Fetterman even needed one to understand the questions being asked of him during recent interviews.

An MSNBC reporter was blasted by others in the complicit mainstream media after she said it didn’t seem like Fetterman was aware of what was happening before a recent interview with the network.

Tired platitudes

Hearing Biden and Fetterman have an unscripted conversation could have been very entertaining, if it had happened. The two of them together may have been able to form one coherent thought.

As it is, Biden just gave the audience some tired platitudes about how the Senate “needs” Fetterman.

Right, America needs another candidate being controlled by the party apparatus. No need for any independent thought if you’re a Democrat, just let the party control you and you’ll be just fine.

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