Biden vacations his way to record amount of time off

A recent Gallup poll reveals that more Americans view themselves as “suffering” under the Biden administration than ever before.

Not Joe Biden.

He’s setting records for his vacation days, according to a report in the New York Post.

That publication advises readers to “Call him the ‘Out of Towner.'”

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The report notes Biden is finishing up another vacation, this one for two weeks, at his luxury home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this week.

“One unofficial count indicates he has spent more time away from the White House than his three immediate predecessors at the same point in their terms,” the Post said.

“The president and his family, including disgraced first son Hunter Biden, left Washington for their latest getaway on Aug. 10, spending almost a week at a $20 million mansion on South Carolina’s exclusive Kiawah Island,” the report said.

That was a “free” trip at a nine-bedroom oceanfront property owned by a Democrat campaign funder.

Biden actually interrupted that time off – for one day – to sign the so-called “Inflation Reduction,” which experts say more likely will increase inflation than reduce it.

After that day’s work, he went to his luxury home in Wilmington, Delaware, and then on to Rehoboth Beach.

The report said according to one network reporter’s tabulation it was Biden’s 49th visit to Delaware since he took office, and raises the number of days he’s spent there to 150.

That same tally showed President Donald Trump had spent 132 days at his Mar-a-Lago residence and his golf club in New York at the same point in his term.

For Barack Obama, he had “taken eight vacations 19 months into his term, racking up 38 away days to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard.”

President George W. Bush had visited his Texas ranch 14 times, for 100 days, the report said.

“How out-of-touch can Joe Biden get? Biden is spending nearly all of August on vacation while Americans are forced to cancel their summer travel because of historic inflation, high gas prices, and a recession. Biden should stop jet-setting from beach to beach and focus on fixing the crises he created,” charged Republican National Committee spokeswoman Emma Vaughn.

The report noted as soon as Biden returns to “work” at the White House, ending his current vacation, his schedule calls for him to go immediately to a political event supporting Democrats. Then he’ll go back to Delaware for more time off.

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