Biden promotes, receives newly updated and annual COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

President Joe Biden declared in September that the coronavirus pandemic was “over,” but it appears that his administration never received that memo, and the president himself has either forgotten or simply ignored his own prior declaration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Biden delivered a speech to promote a new updated COVID-19 booster shot that he then received — his fifth vaccination against the virus that he caught and recovered from earlier in the year, Breitbart reported.

Biden also urged all Americans to follow suit and obtain the newly updated booster, which he likened to the flu shot in that it would need to be received at least once annually.

Just once a year now … for the rest of your lives

During his remarks at the White House event on Tuesday, President Biden said of the newly updated vaccine, “It’s incredibly effective. But the truth is, not enough people are getting it. We’ve got to change that so we can all have a safe and healthy holiday season. That’s why I’m getting my shot updated today.”

He went on to warn of the potential for a resurgence of the “constantly changing” virus but asserted that the worst consequences could be avoided if everyone was fully vaccinated and boosted with the updated shot, and said, “For Americans over five years of age who are fully vaccinated, our nation’s health experts recommend that they get the updated COVID vaccine once a year. In other words, it’s just like the flu shot.”

“Now, some high-risk people, such as the elderly and immunocompromised, may need more than one COVID shot. But for most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need,” he continued. “And if you get it, you’re protected. And if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk.”

“Look, over 20 million of our fellow Americans have already gotten the shot. I’m calling on all Americans — I don’t — seems like having to make this case again — all Americans to get their shots just as soon as they can,” the president scolded. “Your old vaccine or your previous COVID infection will not give you maximum protection.”

Safe, effective, and free, says the president

President Biden carried on his remarks to assert that any further hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus were now completely “preventable” due to the COVID-19 vaccine, the updated booster shot, at-home test kits, and the Paxlovid treatment for infections in pill form.

He further stressed that all of the shots and pills were free to all Americans — except for the taxpayers who paid for them, of course — and were easily obtained and widely available at places like “local pharmacies, doctors’ offices, community health centers, rural health clinics,” as well as a website that would direct most Americans to the nearest such location.

“Here’s the bottom line: Virtually every COVID death in America is preventable — virtually every one. Almost everyone who will die from COVID this year will not be up to date on their shots or they will not have taken Paxlovid when they got sick,” Biden claimed. “We’ve made the vaccines free and available. We’ve made the tests free and available. We’ve made Paxlovid free and available.”

Biden gets the shot

“This fall, get your COVID shot and get your flu shot. It’s simple. It’s easy. For most Americans, it’s one of the COVID shots per year. One — once a year it’s going to be required. And it’s the most important thing you can do,” Biden concluded. “So, thank you. And now, I’ll show you just how easy it is to get that shot.”

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