Biden unlikely to reach goal of having 70 percent of Americans vaccinated by July 4

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden set a goal to have 70% of Americans receive at least one COVID vaccination shot by July 4.

With that target date less than a month away, and with the average number of administered vaccine doses falling sharply, it looks increasingly unlikely that Biden will reach that goal, Breitbart reported.

Biden’s July 4 goal

During a speech on May 4, Biden set the goal of having 70% of Americans vaccinated by Independence Day, and celebrated the fact that his administration had overseen 200 million doses administered in his first 100 days.

However, the situation regarding vaccinations is far different now than it was just a month ago when he set that July target, as far fewer Americans are actively seeking out vaccine shots.

According to The Washington Post, the seven-day average for shots administered per day has declined to less than 1 million after having peaked at around 3.4 million per day in mid-April — even as the vaccine supply is even more abundant and virtually everyone 12 or older is eligible to receive one at no cost.

Daily average for shots has declined

Approximately 13 states, mostly on the East and West coasts, have already reached the target mark of 70% having received a vaccine, and another 15 states, plus the District of Columbia, are somewhere between 60-70% and stand poised to achieve the set goal.

Most of the remaining states, however, are somewhere between 50-60%, and at least six states are still below 50% in terms of residents having received at least one dose of a vaccine. Given that less than a month remains until July 4, paired with the much lower daily rate of vaccinations, it seems highly unlikely that any of those states will reach the goal set by Biden.

Part of the problem, according to The Post, is distrust among some Americans that was only been amplified by the Biden administration’s bungled “pause” of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over blood clot issues that, while concerning for some, only effected a minuscule number of people and didn’t warrant the administration’s reaction.

Furthermore, according to public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci — who has his own issues with public trust — all of the “low-hanging fruit,” or those who wanted to to be vaccinated without needing encouragement, have already received one.

Biden launches final push

Now, in a bid to encourage holdouts to get the shot, numerous states are offering a variety of incentives, from million-dollar giveaways to free beer and food and even marijuana in some areas. Similarly, Biden’s White House has also embarked on a final push in a desperate bid to reach the goal that he set of 70% being vaccinated by July 4.

In another speech delivered June 2, Biden implored the American people to get the shot if they hadn’t already and laid out five different targeted initiatives, along with a dose of fear-mongering over remaining risks, to try and achieve his 70% goal nationwide.

While anything is possible, Biden’s chances of success in reaching that mark by Independence Day appear to be growing slimmer by the day, and it will be interesting to see how his administration reacts as the prospect of failure become increasingly clear.

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