Biden undermines call for unity, signals support for impeachment of Trump, says it ‘has to happen’

A central theme of President Joe Biden’s campaign was his promise to restore “unity” to a sharply divided nation.

In an announcement this week, however, he signaled support for the Democratic Party’s pursuit of impeachment against his predecessor, which many critics argue would serve to further divide the United States.

Biden says impeachment trial “has to happen”

As Breitbart reported, Biden said on Monday that the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump “has to happen.”

The remark came on the same day that impeachment managers from the House of Representatives, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), delivered a single article of impeachment to the Senate, alleging that Trump incited a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Biden spoke briefly on the topic when asked for a comment by a CNN reporter at the White House.

Despite his call for the impeachment proceedings to continue, he reportedly acknowledged the delays and impediments such a focus in the Senate would have on his fledgling administration.

While proposed legislation and confirmation of his key nominees might be put on hold during the trial, Biden argued that there would be “a worse effect if it didn’t happen.”

“We have to get rid of that”

He also seemed to acknowledge how unlikely it would be for the necessary 17 Senate Republicans to reach across the aisle and vote for a conviction, raising additional questions regarding his support for an almost certainly futile effort that could easily increase disunity between and within the two political parties.

Biden’s advocacy of an unprecedented impeachment trial against a former president not only strikes many Americans as illogical, but it also appears to run contrary to his repeated calls for peace and unity across the board.

Breitbart noted that his remarks on the subject came less than a week after an inaugural address in which he focused on “unity,” even using that precise term at least eight times while urging a fractured country to put aside partisan differences to work together toward peace and progress.

Further highlighting the perceived disconnect in his rhetoric were his remarks this week during a White House event.

He told one reporter that he wants the nation to “eliminate the vitriol, make anything that you disagree with about the other person’s personality or their lack of integrity or they’re not decent legislators and the like,” asserting that “we have to get rid of that.”

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