Biden sought to highlight ‘two words’ in Friday speech — ‘Made in America’

President Joe Biden wasted no time in uttering one of his typical gaffes during a speech he delivered in Maryland on Friday about the economy and manufacturing jobs.

The slip of the tongue came in the opening line of his speech when he sought to preface everything with “two words — Made in America,” Breitbart reported.

“Math is hard.”

President Biden was in Hagerstown, Maryland on Friday to visit the Volvo Group Powertrain Operations Facility and deliver a speech on the economy and the latest jobs report.

“Let me start off with two words: Made in America,” Biden said at the outset of his remarks. “Made in America. And that’s not hyperbole. I’m not joking about that, as you know.”

The phrase “Made in America” is, obviously, three words, and social media users were quick to catch and highlight this latest slip from the gaffe-prone president.

Newsmax host Benny Johnson shared a video clip of what Biden had said and simply added as a caption: “Math is hard.”

Gaffe frequency increasing

Of course, President Biden has long been known for decades for his tendency to utter gaffes, though it could be argued that the frequency of those mistakes has increased over time, particularly within the span of the past few months and years.

The Washington Examiner noted a particularly egregious example occurred last month during a Sept. 28 speech when Biden seemed to call out and search the audience for a congresswoman who had died about a month earlier.

While highlighting a bipartisan group of legislators who had worked together to combat food insecurity and hunger, Biden said, “Representative — Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here — to help make this a reality.”

The problem there is, the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) had been killed along with two of her aides in a car accident in Indiana in early August, a tragedy that Biden himself had noted at the time with an official statement of condolences.

Yet, as has become just as typical as his gaffes, the Biden White House dismissed that slip by suggesting that Walorski had been “top of mind” for the president during that speech, and the White House will undoubtedly also have some sort of excuse for his apparent inability to count words in a phrase — assuming it even comes up in a question from reporters.

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