Biden revokes Trump order promoting classical architecture for federal civic buildings

President Joe Biden is on a mission to undo as many of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments as possible, including revoking prior executive actions for no apparent reason aside from spite.

Most recently, Biden revoked Trump’s order that required the federal government to favor classical and traditional architectural styles for new buildings, Breitbart reported.

Biden’s action means architects contracted by the federal government can return to using the stark modernist styles that many critics view as out of place next to the aesthetically-pleasing classical and traditional styles throughout much of the nation’s capital.

Trump’s order on federal architecture

In late December of 2020, Trump issued an order on “promoting beautiful federal civic architecture.”

He noted the societal importance of civic architecture to inspire the people, as well as the importance of the classical style of ancient Greece and Rome as the model for American federal buildings, both as a nod to the beauty of the style but also to those civilizations being the birthplace of democracy.

The former president lamented the shift beginning in the 1950s away from the classical style and toward a modernist one, and set in place new guidelines that would encourage a return to the traditional styles as much as was practicable for new federal buildings.

Trump’s order set the classical and traditional styles as the default, established a “President’s Council on Improving Federal Civic Architecture,” and put in place a requirement for an explanation for any deviations in styling for newly constructed buildings going forward.

Multiple orders revoked

For reasons that are entirely unclear, save for his apparent disdain of everything associated with Trump, Biden revoked that particular executive action by his predecessor last week.

No explanation was provided for Biden’s act, which also simultaneously revoked six other executive orders or memorandums that had been signed by Trump.

Those other revoked orders included one on the “core principles” of regulating the financial sector, on reducing poverty by promoting opportunity, on reviewing funding for lawless jurisdictions, and other actions that limited the regulatory bureaucracy.

There does not appear to be any logical reason for Biden to waste the time and energy necessary to revoke Trump’s order on beautifying federal civic architecture.

Rather, this looks like little more than another display of anti-Trump hatred that would, if possible, immediately erase any and all things associated with Biden’s predecessor.

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