Carlson says Biden has declared ‘total economic war’ against Russia over invasion of Ukraine

President Joe Biden, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has imposed increasingly punitive and economically devastating sanctions on Russia and, in particular the wealthy oligarchs who support Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, those sanctions from Biden are tantamount to a declaration of “total economic war” against Russia that, in his view, is unjustifiable at this point in time.

Biden proud of crushing economic sanctions imposed on Russia

That pronouncement from Carlson came Friday evening in the wake of a speech delivered earlier in the day by President Biden in which he seemingly bragged about the financially crushing impact of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and some other allied nations.

In Biden’s remarks Friday, he announced that the latest move against Russia — coordinated with NATO and G7 allies — was to strip that country of its “most-favored-nation” trade status and to revoke the “permanent normal trade relations” between Russia and the U.S.

He went on to mention some of the other harsh sanctions that had already been imposed since the invasion began a few weeks ago, such as banning certain Russian imports, cutting Russia off from the global financial system, and seizing the assets of Putin’s wealthy oligarch supporters, among other things.

Biden also noted that, due to the imposed sanctions, Russia’s currency had become worthless, its economy had crashed, and numerous major multinational corporations had withdrawn goods and services from the country.

Biden “declared total economic war on a sovereign country”

In his opening monologue Friday night, Carlson addressed a “remarkable coincidence” in that “At exactly the moment when the emergency powers they awarded to themselves to fight COVID started to wane, our leaders began pushing for conflict with Russia, and then on the basis of that conflict, they assumed historic war powers.”

“Without even pausing, the Biden administration declared total economic war on a sovereign country,” he continued. “No American had been killed. The United States had not been invaded or attacked.”

“And yet, with no meaningful public debate or congressional authorization, the administration destroyed that country’s currency, then removed it from the international banking system, then impoverished its population,” Carlson said. “Then the administration began seizing the property of people affiliated with that country, without a trial or due process of any kind, without even bothering to explain exactly what crime they had committed.”

So-called “domestic enemies” could be next target

“No American government had ever done anything like that before. If there was one thing the U.S. government long stood for, it was the rule of law. The integrity of the system was always the most important thing,” he added. “But not anymore. That turned out to be an era and that era is gone.”

Looking past the immediate crisis toward future ramifications, Carlson aptly wondered, “How long until our leaders do something similar to their domestic enemies here in the United States? How long before they accuse you of collusion or disloyalty or some other hard to define crime, declare you an enemy of the state, and then confiscate your bank account?”

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