Joe Biden says ‘too many’ immigrants were deported under Obama

Joe Biden told a Univision host that former President Barack Obama made “too many” deportations, calling the nearly three million deportations under the former administration “a big mistake” and pointing to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012 as the first step toward getting immigration right, according to the Washington Examiner.

The comments were intended to connect with Univision’s massive Latino audience, which includes many who have been directly affected by the nation’s immigration laws.

“We took too long to get it right,” Biden confessed, lamenting that there were “too many” people deported under Obama’s policies, especially in his first term.

“The point is there was too many,” the former vice president said. “I saw the pain in the eyes of so many people who saw their families being deported. I know what it’s like to lose family members. It was painful.”

A long-standing issue

Immigration has been an issue Biden has confronted throughout his campaign. As far back as July, his then-opponent Julian Castro pointed to the number of deportations under Obama as a problem for Biden, according to Politico, and during September’s primary debate, members of the audience shouted “three million deportations” at him.

In the Univision interview, Biden was also asked to explain why Obama put children in “cages” when separating them from their families to await the resolution of their cases.

Biden did not say whether he would continue to observe agreements President Donald Trump has made with neighboring countries like Mexico and Guatemala to keep asylum-seekers in those countries rather than releasing them into the United States, where they typically disappear.

Trump’s policies have been fought by Democrats at every turn, but they have drastically reduced the number of people trying to cross the border from its peak in early 2019.

Democrats’ takeover plan

Democrats want to see as much immigration as possible because they have a long-term plan to use immigrants for their own purposes.

If they ever get enough power to do so, they can create millions of new Democrat voters by granting amnesty and citizenship to those in the U.S. illegally. Doing so would make it difficult for Republicans to win national elections, as well as elections in border states like Texas and Florida, where Republicans now hold power.

This is why Democrats have been fighting Trump so hard on immigration as well as trying to change the narrative about immigration.

Instead of focusing on the laws and border security, Democrats want to make Americans feel guilty about their “privilege” and make them feel like racists for opposing immigration. But they won’t realize the impact of amnesty and open borders until it’s too late.

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