Biden to send troops to STOP Texas from protecting border

 February 7, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report is warning America that Joe Biden plans to use the National Guard on the southern border, not to secure it from the millions of illegal aliens who have invaded since he took office and opened the border, but to restrict Texas' ability to provide security.

The report in PJMedia explains the confirmation comes from an Anchorage Daily News report that the Alaska National Guard "said that a memorandum from the federal government had been issued, directing Alaska forces to prepare two LUH-72 Lakota helicopters and 20 guardsmen to potentially be deployed in early 2025."

The report said Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who supports Texas in its efforts to secure the national boundary, was removed from the decision-making process.

The Daily News noted the request was deployed in a "Title 10 duty status," "meaning that the federal government would pay, and Dunleavy would have little leeway to refuse."

The PJMedia report explained, "The Guard won't go to help Texas stanch the onslaught of humanity; rather, it will do the federal government's bidding."

In fact, the government confirmed there are no plans to ship soldiers "in support" of the security-focused "Operation Lone Star" being run by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott also has pointed out that the new Ukraine funding bill being pushed in Congress "removes his and other states' rights to sue the federal government within their own states. The plan would require cases against the government to be heard in "the overwhelmingly leftist District of Columbia."

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