Biden to reverse crackdown on archery, hunting programs after bi-partisan pushback

September 28, 2023
Matthew Boose

The gun control lunatics in the White House are giving up on an effort to remove hunting and archery programs from schools after bi-partisan pushback. 

Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill clarifying that a gun control law Biden signed last year does not target federal funding for archery and shooting programs.

It appears Biden doesn't want to die on this hill, as the administration says he will sign the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act.

Biden backs off

The Senate approved the legislation unanimously Wednesday night after the House passed it in a lopsided 424-1 vote.

At the root of the controversy is Biden's Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, a gun control law he signed last year after a series of mass shootings. Part of the law, which was passed with Republican support, blocks federal education dollars "for the provision of or training in the use of a ‘dangerous weapon.’”

Biden's Education Department cited that language to justify blocking funding for hunting and archery programs in schools.

The move caused an outcry among Republicans who worked with Biden on the gun control law, like John Cornyn (TX). Rural Democrats like Senator Jon Tester (MT) also condemned the administration's overreach.

Cornyn accused Biden of a "shameful and deliberate misinterpretation" of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, while Tester blasted Biden and the "bureaucrats in Washington who don’t understand our Montana values."

Fool me once.....

The new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention confirmed that Biden would backtrack after the outcry in Congress.

"The President supports a legislative solution to ensure ESEA funding can be used for valuable school enrichment programs, such as hunter safety and archery," director Stefanie Feldman said.

Any fool could have anticipated that Biden's "bipartisan" gun law would push the envelope. All Republicans had to do was read the bill, which, to Biden's credit, was clearly written with the aim of cracking down on these school programs. How many ways can you interpret "for the provision of or training in the use of a ‘dangerous weapon'?"

Biden didn't "misinterpret" his own law. Republicans were fooled, once again, while trying to be "bipartisan."

Now, Republicans are going to claim victory because they convinced Democrats to pull back a little. You would think that Republicans like Cornyn would learn by now: if you give Democrats an inch on gun control, they will take a mile.

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