Op-ed: Biden to blame for soaring gas prices

American voters ostensibly put Joe Biden in the White House in hopes that he’d provide a boon to the country’s economic recovery post-COVID. But he’s fallen far short of that in his first year as president — and now, the nightmare may be getting worse for Uncle Joe.

According to a new op-ed from the Washington Examiner‘s Restoring America, Biden’s policies aren’t doing anything at all to tamp down on economic problems affecting everyday Americans like soaring gas prices. If anything, the Biden administration may actually be contributing to the problem.

The Examiner argues that Biden wants to “both force the price of gas to go higher while also making it seem like [he’s] doing the opposite.”

“That is exactly what Biden tried to do last week when he released 50 million gallons from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on Tuesday, only to turn around and raise fees on domestic energy producers on Friday,” the Examiner added Tuesday.

Lost in the news dump

The move by Biden made headlines as the president promised it would help ease the pain that the Examiner says many Americans are experiencing at the gas pump. But it was, at best, a short-term solution; the reserves provided barely enough oil to cover the country’s consumption for three days, reports noted.

Days later, he made things even worse. “Few consumers probably heard about the 18-page Interior Department report that recommended raising the fees energy developers pay the federal government to drill on federal lands,” the Examiner observed.

The report went on:

Unlike Tuesday, when Biden gave a highly promoted speech trumpeting his decision to use the strategic oil reserve to increase supply and lower oil prices, Friday’s fee recommendation was part of a holiday news dump.

Misaligned priorities

The move is in line with several other actions Biden has taken since becoming president. According to the Examiner, he ended the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in his first days in office, and he banned new energy leases on federal lands.

“When Biden took office, the United States had become a net exporter of petroleum products, a remarkable public policy achievement for a nation that had been dependent on foreign oil production for so long,” the Examiner said. “But Biden quickly gave away that economic and strategic advantage.”

It seems Democrats are prioritizing the climate crisis over Americans — and their pocketbooks.

“No matter what the economic or national security cost, Democrats honestly believe that climate change is the greatest threat the country faces today,” the Examiner argues. “By this flawed reasoning, no price is too high to reduce America’s carbon emissions, even if that pain, in the case of gas prices, is disproportionately borne by the poorest.”

With Biden at the helm, we can only expect more of the same in the years to come. What a shame.

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