Report: Biden has spent nearly 40% of his time away from White House since taking office

One might be surprised to learn just how much time President Joe Biden has spent away from the White House since becoming president a mere nine months ago.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Biden has spent 108 out of his first 276 days as president away from the White House. 

Biden spent those 108 days at either his homes in Wilmington or Rehoboth, Delaware, or at Camp David in Frederick, Maryland. The breakdown, specifically, is 69 days at his Wilmington home, seven days at his Rehoboth home, and 32 days at Camp David.

Those 108 days away from the White House represent 35 personal trips taken by the president. Twenty-three of those trips were to Wilmington, two were to Rehoboth, and 10 were to Camp David.

Some perspective

Those numbers in and of themselves don’t exactly tell the whole story. The key observation is how Biden’s numbers compare to those of his predecessors.

The short answer is that none of Biden’s most recent predecessors spent nearly as much time away from the White House as Biden has during his first 276 days in office.

Biden’s immediate predecessor, former President Donald Trump, for example, spent about 70 days away from the White House during his first 276 days in office. Former President Barack Obama spent roughly 40 days away from the White House during the same time period, and former President George W. Bush spent about 84 days away.

As the Daily Mail noted, “Biden’s trips make him the most likely president in recent history to spend time away from Washington, D.C. for personal travel.”

Other shortcomings

According to a New York Post report, it was revealed that the current president has provided only a fraction of the number of interviews given by his predecessors at a similar point during their presidencies.

Biden, thus far, is credited with 16 interviews during his first nine months in office. Trump, on the other hand, gave 82 interviews by the same point in his presidency. Obama gave 131 interviews, George W. Bush, 42 interviews, and Bill Clinton gave 51 interviews.

That’s not to mention the quality of Biden’s interviews, during which he takes very few questions or the interviews are heavily scripted, and reporters are typically pre-selected.

America has literally never had a president in modern history that engages so little with the American public or who spends as much time away from the White House as Biden does.

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