Biden family to spend Thanksgiving at billionaire’s mansion while American families deal with inflation

Thanks to still elevated price inflation, millions of Americans will be forced to curtail or cut out altogether their usual Thanksgiving plans this year, but President Joe Biden will not be among that number, the Conservative Brief reported.

Instead, as he did last year, Biden and his family will travel to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts to spend the holiday weekend at the $20 million mansion of a wealthy billionaire friend and donor.

An elitist holiday getaway for the Biden family

According to the New York Post, President Biden, first lady Jill Biden, and other members of the Biden family will fly on Air Force One — at great taxpayer expense — to spend Thursday through Sunday at the palatial estate of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein.

This exact same trip was made last year, even as many Americans were beginning to feel the financial crunch of soaring inflation, and is one that the Biden family has made in many other previous years, albeit without the added cost of inflation, since the 1970s.

The Biden family trip will, of course, not only require the use of Air Force One to fly to and from the ultra-wealthy Massachusetts island, but also a convoy of vehicles to travel around on the ground, not to mention all of the various aides and staffers and workers and Secret Service employees who must forgo any of their own potential holiday plans in order to service the president and his family.

Most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever

Meanwhile, Axios reported that due to price inflation, the typical “classic” Thanksgiving meal this year will be the most expensive one ever in history for American families.

Per the annual Thanksgiving meal survey by the American Farm Bureau, the average cost of a turkey dinner with the usual side dishes for a gathering of 10 people will cost on average $64.05, up 20 percent from $53.31 in 2021, which itself was substantially higher than in 2020 or years prior to that.

Monetary price inflation is by far the biggest driver of the higher costs, but other factors include the still-ongoing supply chain issues as well as a reported shortage of turkeys due to an outbreak of avian flu in some regions of the country.

The Conservative Brief noted that an October survey by a group known as Personal Capital found that anywhere from a quarter to a third of all Americans, and in some instances significantly more, will be making different arrangements for Thanksgiving this year in an effort to reduce costs, such as having smaller gatherings, cutting out some of the side dishes, or even forgoing the classic turkey dinner altogether.

One can only assume that the Biden family and their billionaire host will not be cutting back on their own Thanksgiving feast.

Holiday travel plans cut or scaled back for many

As for the Biden family’s travel on the taxpayer-funded Air Force One, that must be nice, as CNBC reported that inflation concerns and high prices in such sectors of the economy as airfare, gas prices, hotel lodging, and restaurant dining have millions of Americans either scaling back or completely forgoing their own travel plans for the holiday weekend.

President Biden and his family will enjoy a lavish Thanksgiving holiday, replete with travel and feasting and luxury accommodations, while the American people tighten their belts and alter their own plans to try and not go broke this weekend.

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