Biden tells Democrats to vote on abortion as gas and food prices spike

Survey data suggests that Democrats are in for a defeat this November, with FiveThirtyEight’s polling aggregate giving Republicans a two-point advantage.

Given his poor record on inflation and border security, it’s not surprising then that Biden recently ordered Democrats to go out and vote on the basis of abortion. 

President slams Supreme Court ruling as “extreme” and “terrible”

According to a White House transcript, Biden made his demand public during a meeting held last Friday with Democratic governors.

During his remarks, Biden slammed the Supreme Court’s “tragic” decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as being an “extreme” and “terrible” move that will impact “the health and safety of millions of women.”

Biden went on to tout “two specific actions” that he plans to take if “if extremist governors” pursue pro-life policies. The first involves using the Attorneys General’s Office to protect the “bedrock right” to get an abortion in another state.

“Second, if states try to block a woman from getting medication the FDA has already approved and has been available for more than 20 years, my administration will act and protect that woman’s right to that medication,” the president added.

“And there are many other unlawful actions, in my view, that states are preparing to take that will have — we’ll have to address as well,” he continued.

However, he lamented that Democrats “don’t have the votes in the Senate to change the filibuster, ” something which would be a prerequisite for passing national abortion rights legislation.

“That means we need two more votes now — not now — when we vote, probably after November — more senators and House majority — and the House majority elected in November to get this bill to my desk,” Biden declared.

Biden pivots to abortion as gas and food prices go up

“So, the choice is clear: We either elect federal Senators and Representatives who will codify Roe, or Republicans who will elect the House and Senate will try to ban abortions nationwide,” he insisted.

“So let’s remember: The reasoning of this decision has an impact much beyond Roe and to the right to privacy more generally,” he said.

A website maintained by the American Automobile Association shows that even as Biden was putting emphasis on abortion, gas prices exceeded $5 per gallon in many parts of the country. Meanwhile, Fox Business reported last week that newly proposed regulations could cause a further increase in food prices.

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