Biden tells Democrats how to win the 2022 midterm elections

All signs point to a Republican victory later this year in the midterm elections. President Joe Biden, however, says otherwise.

The Washington Examiner reports that Biden on Thursday insisted that the Democrats could still win the midterm elections. 

“If we do that . . . “

Biden’s remarks came during the Democratic National Committee (DNC) winter meetup that was held on Thursday night.

“Now we’ve got to do the work, and I’ve seen what you can do,” Biden said. “I saw it in 2020. Nothing was going to stop you then. We can’t let anything stop us now.”

“We need to bring some real determination, the same work ethic, the same enthusiasm,” Biden continued. “And, if we do that, we’re going to keep the House and keep the Senate and add seats.”

The crowd, here, applauded before Biden added, “And by the way, if we don’t do that — if we don’t do that, it’s going to be a sad, sad two years. Think about Republicans if they had control of the Congress these last two years.”

The crowd, at this point, booed.

The Dems’ 2022 outlook

In short, it’s bleak. As stated at the outset, all signs point to a big Democrat defeat in the midterm elections.

The Republicans, for one thing, have history on their side as the political party opposite to the president’s tends to lose a large number of House seats during the first midterm election. We saw this under former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and many others.

To take the House, the Republicans only need to net five seats. And, in the Senate, the Democrats only have the advantage of having Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. So, the margins are slim for the Democrats: they can’t take many losses.

Currently, Real Clear Politics has Republicans favored on the generic ballot by, on average, 3.4 percentage points. And, there is little doubt that what is driving people towards voting for the Republican party are the policies of Biden and the Democrats.

There are no foregone conclusions in politics, of course. But, it would appear that the Democrats would need a massive change to occur to have any chance in this year’s elections.

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