Joe Biden promises taxpayers will pay for abortions if he is elected

Joe Biden may have just made a HUGE mistake during his campaign.

Biden just committed to abolishing the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of federal insurance funds to cover abortions.

Flip Flop… again

Biden has officially flipped to the far left. Over the years, Biden has been right smack in the middle of the road regarding abortion. Quite honestly, he was probably holding the position most Americans hold.

He seemed to know abortion was wrong, but also saw exceptions where abortion could be permitted. All the way back in 1994, Biden stated he was against the federal funding of abortions.

More recently, in 2007, Biden admitted he was “middle-of-the-road” on abortions and has repeatedly voted against federal funding of abortions. That comment, by the way, was in a book called, “Promises to Keep.”

Now, however, with the movement of the Democrat party towards the extreme left, Biden is all for using taxpayer money to fund abortions…

Ignoring His Base

Pro-life Democrats are furious over this change of policy by Biden. He had been largely successful throughout his career because he was deemed to be more centrist than a typical Democrat.

Kirsten Day, who is the Executive Director of Democrats for Life, recently stated, “Biden is making a critical error flip-flopping on his position on the Hyde Amendment.”

Biden is now clearly caving to the demands of the far left, which should be a huge wakeup call for undecided voters looking for a candidate.

Biden is winning in the polls right now because he is deemed to be the exception in the race, but that will change if he continues on the path towards the radical left.

Most of the other candidates seem to be committed to turning the United States into a socialist country. Biden, now, seems to be slowly moving in that direction in an effort to win the support of the New Breed in Congress.

He may win their support, but in the process he is going to lose the support of every pro-life Democrat in the country.

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