Biden selects ‘radioactive’ Neera Tanden for administration, draws ire from Republicans

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his transition team have spent the past week dominating news headlines with announcements of who will be filling key positions in January should President Donald Trump’s legal challenges end in failure.

According to Politico, none of Biden’s picks, so far, have generated as much controversy as his selection of Neera Tanden to head the Office of Management and Budget. 

Who is she?

Tanden, CEO of the incredibly left-wing think tank the Center for American Progress, might not be a household name in most of America, but she is well known in Washington, D.C. circles as a political firecracker.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) described Tanden recently as “radioactive,” given her past attacks on countless Republican senators, Politico reported.

The former Hillary Clinton loyalist has spent years publishing thousands of nasty tweets geared at Republicans, including Trump and his administration. In an obvious attempt to clean up her image after being selected for Biden’s administration, Tanden has deleted over 1,000 of those tweets over the past few days.

“It’s pretty crazy to me to think that she can go back and … eliminate all the tweets that she’s sent out over the last, whatever, months, years. And I think it’s really a misstep by the administration,” Cornyn said.

According to Fox News, Tanden once attacked her potential future boss during Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, saying “the good thing about a Biden run is that he would make Hillary look so much better.”

Rough road to confirmation

Given her rocky history, especially with Republicans, Cornyn reportedly said through a spokesperson that Tanden “stands zero chance of being confirmed,” according to Just The News.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is set to head the Budget Committee that will oversee her confirmation, echoed Cornyn’s prediction, saying that it will “be a long hearing,” and added that it will be an “uphill” climb for Tanden.

Jim Geraghty from National Review wrote a scathing piece calling into question why the Biden transition team would make such an obviously controversial pick for such a high-level position that requires Senate confirmation.

He even suggested that she is such a politically unattractive candidate that the Biden team might be using a strategy recently joked about by Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) chief of staff, who tweeted that Tanden is a “sacrifice to the nomination gods.”

Whether the Biden team is using Tanden as a flashy object to distract from other maneuverings as he fills his cabinet and key positions, or truly believes she’s the right fit for the job, one thing is for sure: January is going to be a wild ride for America.

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