Trump supporters outraged as Biden admin takes softer approach to sanctions

Former President Donald Trump was popular among his supporters for many reasons, but perhaps most appealing was the fact that he was not interested in playing games with America’s adversaries — and he was happy to institute relentless sanctions against when needed to get his point across.

According to the Daily Caller, President Joe Biden and those in his administration seem to be taking the opposite approach, with reports emerging that suggest Biden is not only giving up on hardline sanctions, but also actively working to ease some of the sanctions levied against America’s adversaries by his predecessor. 

What’s going on?

The news of Biden’s much softer approach to foreign policy was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

“Our focus is on making sure that we’re moving from unilateral action, which has been what has defined U.S. policy over the last four years, to really working with our partners,” a senior White House source reportedly told the Journal.

As of now, the Biden administration is said to be reviewing a number of sanctions and similar economic pressure leveled against countries like Iran, China, and Syria during Trump’s first and only term in office. The reviews are expected to conclude by the end of summer.

At that time, the Journal intimated, the Biden administration will make changes — perhaps of monumental significance — that will mark a shockingly different approach than Trump’s to keeping America’s enemies in check.

Biden’s plans aren’t being looked at favorably by former Trump-era officials, who claim that the Biden administration is literally wasting years of leverage built up through the use of economic sanctions, especially on troublesome countries like Venezuela.

Biden’s “soft weakness”

Republicans have already expressed concern over the way it appears that the Biden administration will deal with America’s top adversaries, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held nothing back in his assessment of the concerning situation in a recent tweet.

“Dems used to talk a lot about ‘soft power’ in foreign policy. After giving a multi-billion-dollar pipe line [sic] to Putin [and] offering the Ayatollah billions more, it seems Joe Biden has replaced that foreign policy [with] ‘soft weakness.’ Appeasement never works,” the Texas senator wrote.

The growing concerns come in the wake of what appears to be the early phases of the Biden administration’s easing of economic sanctions in hopes of garnering trading leverage. In one example cited by the Daily Caller, Biden has vowed to ease sanctions against Iran in the hopes of returning to a new round of nuclear talks.

In February, the Biden administration eased sanctions on Venezuela’s port authority and went on to issue the country waivers for COVID-19 pandemic relief, which he also did for Syria and Iran.

Only time will tell how Biden’s remarkably softer approach works out, but as many have already suggested, it looks like America’s adversaries are in for at least a three-year, lucrative break.

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