Report: Biden takes a hit in the polls following New York Post exposé

A new poll taken in the days surrounding the publication of a bombshell New York Post report last week could mean it’s all but over for Joe Biden and his hopes of winning the White House this November.

According to a new report from the Post, “Joe Biden’s polling edge over President [Donald] Trump eroded this week amid The Post’s scandalous revelations about his son Hunter’s foreign [business] dealings.” Still, the outlet noted, the former vice president “maintains a substantial lead.”

Biden takes a hit

The poll cited by the Post as evidence of the impact of its bombshell exposés was conducted by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) and TIPP — one of the few surveys to accurately predict then-candidate Trump’s upset victory in 2016.

In the latest IBD/TIPP poll, Biden led Trump by 7.1 points among likely voters, 50.3% to 43.2%, in a four-way race that includes two major third-party candidates, who are drawing a combined 3.5% support, according to a report from IBD.

Of note is that Biden’s lead has fluctuated over the last week, going as high as 8.6 points over Trump to a low of 5.2 points above the incumbent president before settling at 7.1, IBD reported.

What’s more, support for third-party candidates had grown somewhat, the report said, and this time around, fewer voters were willing to disclose who they intended to support come Election Day.

It all lends credence to the notion that it’s still not a runaway for any candidate — and of course, we all know how wrong the polls can be.

Looking to Election Day

Still, it’s significant that Biden is slipping in the surveys, especially since it wasn’t just the IBD/TIPP poll that indicated such. The dip for Biden was also evident in the RealClearPolitics average of polls, which currently shows the former vice president with an 8.9-point lead over the incumbent president, with 51.3% support to Trump’s 42.4%.

Just one week ago, however, that spread was 10.3 points in Biden’s favor — with Biden holding 52.1% support and Trump holding 41.8% — which shows that Biden has lost about a point overall, while Trump has gained ground.

The Post, for its part, is taking at least some of the credit for Biden’s hit, though it’s hard to confirm the impact of their stories.

And it doesn’t help matters that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were quick to shut down the Post‘s initial reports on Joe and Hunter Biden for fear of disseminating “potentially false information,” as NPR reported.

Truth be told, trusting the polls is something a lot of Americans just can’t do after the debacle that was the 2016 election. But that doesn’t mean those in Biden’s camp aren’t shaking in their boots as Trump continues to inch ahead leading up to Nov. 3.

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