Joe Biden surges in polls as support for Bernie Sanders falls

Former Vice President Joe Biden formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in 2020 last week, and immediately received a solid boost in support across a number of major polls.

That jump in support for Biden appears to have largely come at the expense of his closest rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who fell in the polls.

Surge of support for Biden

A CNN-SSRS poll that was just released on Tuesday shows that Biden had the support of 39 percent of Democratic/Democratic-leaning voters, up 11 points from the 28 percent support he had in the same poll in March.

Sanders drew 15 percent support among those same voters in the poll, down from 19 percent in March.

CNN noted that only about one-third of the voters polled considered themselves to be locked in on their choice of candidate, while 64 percent still had an open mind on who they would support. However, of those who said they had already made up their minds, a full 50 percent backed Biden.

Sanders’ support falls

A new poll from Morning Consult, also released on Tuesday, offered up remarkably similar results: Biden got a boost while Sanders saw a decline in support.

36% of registered Democrats who intended to vote in the primaries supported Biden, up from 30 percent prior to his official campaign launch.

Sanders, meanwhile, polled in second place with 22 percent support, down from 24 percent a week earlier, and down from the 27 percent high he held in February in March in the Morning Consult poll.

Not looking good for Sanders

According to the Real Clear Politics average of all major polls for the Democratic candidates, Biden’s post-announcement surge — and Sanders’ concurrent drop — was not isolated to just those two polls.

The RCP average showed Biden with 32.8 percent support, an increase from the 29.3 percent support he enjoyed prior to the official start of his campaign.

For Sanders, the RCP average placed him in second position with 19.4 percent support, down from the 23 percent support he held last week.

It is still early in the presidential campaign season, and a lot can happen between now and when primary votes are cast in early 2020. That said, Biden is a strong front-runner who has already sapped momentum and support from Sanders, which could ultimately spell doom for the campaign of the self-proclaimed socialist.

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