Biden support collapsing in political prediction markets

Joe Biden’s numbers are collapsing not only in public polls but also in the more-telling prediction markets.

Top political prediction market website PredictIt now has Joe Biden trailing Kamala Harris by three points.

First Debate Was a Killer

To put it simply, Joe Biden was not prepared for the attacks against him during the first Democrat presidential debate.

Kamala Harris challenged Biden’s record on school busing. Biden stood there, motionless, taking shot after shot without having a credible defense to anything Harris stated.

When he did finally answer her, he did so in an angry and combative tone that hurt him more than his silence. That was the turning point of this election so far.

At the time of the debate, Biden had a 2:1 lead on Harris in the prediction markets.

After the debate, however, Harris topped out at almost 2.5:1 over Biden.

Still Holding On

The race between the two has tightened since, with Harris now holding a $.26 share to Biden’s $.23 share, however, that is to be expected.

Biden has a massive bankroll and the entire establishment of the Democrat party behind him. His fundraising efforts last quarter nearly doubled those of Harris.

Point being, Biden can travel more and purchase more ad space than Harris, so the fallback was to be expected.

All that money, however, will not help Biden once the next debate takes place at the end of this month.

Biden has made several missteps since the debate and you better believe Harris will be there to pounce on him again.

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