Biden Sued for Embedding Racial Discrimination in Federal Business Program

March 26, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The federal government, under Joe Biden's leadership, has set up a bureaucracy that it intends will discriminate against people of some races, but not others.

Citing that apparent civil rights violation for those people in the groups facing discrimination, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty has sued.

"America must continue to advance toward a colorblind society where every person is judged on their merit and not the color of their skin," explained Dan Lennington, deputy counsel for WILL.

"The Biden administration's choice to create this race-based agency is a step back for civil rights, and we aim to correct that misstep."

The issue is Biden's new "Minority Business Development Agency."

The federal agency will use race as a qualifier for those it helps.

WILL represents clients from Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida in this new lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in the Northern District of Texas.

Some of the plaintiffs, through WILL, released statements.

Matthew Piper said, "The American dream should be afforded to all Americans regardless of skin color or cultural background. But what we have is a federal government picking winners and losers based on wokeism – enough is enough."

Piper, from Wisconsin, grew up in extreme poverty but through hard work and persistence, graduated with honors from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Environmental Design and Planning College. His small business could benefit from many of the federal program's services, but he's disqualified because he's white.

Client Christian Bruckner said, "I came to the United States in the 1970s because of the belief that America is the freest nation on earth. And that no matter who you are, what you are, or where you came from, you can do anything. That’s what we are fighting for and I am proud to stand alongside WILL in pursuit of true equality for all."

He's from Tampa, Florida, and came to America from Romania. He is a disabled small-business owner who works in a historically underutilized business zone.

Biden's MBDA was created through the 2021 Infrastructure Act and was a first for the government, in that it set up help for people of some races but not others.

The case charges that Biden is violating, through his program, the Equal Protection Doctrine.


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