Biden stays in Delaware while Trump holds rallies around nation

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has left the campaign trail and is staying in Delaware with no planned events until the final presidential debate on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is staying extremely active on the campaign trail and is hitting multiple swing states with only a couple weeks until Election Day.

Support is building for Trump and Biden is taking a big chance by staying locked away.

Sleepy Joe hiding away

The president’s messaging on Biden’s candidacy has been clear: He’s a weak candidate who will be a Trojan Horse for the left’s radical agenda.

“Sleepy Joe has made a corrupt bargain: he has handed his party over to the hardcore militant left. They crave power, and God help us if they ever did get it,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan on Saturday, the New York Post reported.

The contrast between Trump’s enthusiastic rallies and Biden’s sparse campaign events makes sense considering that Biden is little more than a figurehead for a movement.

Furthermore, Biden’s lack of campaigning supports the notion that Democrats aren’t voting for Biden as much as they are voting against Trump.

Not fit to lead the nation

Holding large events simply isn’t an option as Biden’s campaign appears to be working hard to keep Biden’s declining health from the public.

The Biden campaign has been working overtime to cover up for endless gaffes and bizarre statements that suggest the candidate is experiencing cognitive decline.

Staying in Delaware with only weeks to go before the election seems to indicate Biden is experiencing some kind of cognitive decline or he simply doesn’t have the energy to stay on the campaign trail. It’s also likely that he does not want to answer questions on reports regarding his involvement with his son Hunter’s business dealings.

If Biden’s absences are due to him not having the energy, then is he really fit to lead the most powerful nation in the world?

Trump has demonstrated boundless energy and vigor. Only weeks after beating coronavirus, the president is flying around the country holding rallies with his supporters. The contrast in fitness between Trump and Biden could not be clearer.

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