Biden stays in hiding when Trump challenges him to immediate debate

 February 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign consisted largely of a lot of other people attacking President Trump, and Biden himself hiding in his own home, occasionally releasing video statements.

When he did venture on a debate stage with President Trump, he was forced to use made-up talking points – remember those wild claims that Hunter Biden's abandoned and scandal-filled laptop was "Russian disinformation"?

Now Biden is returning to his strategy, refusing to participate in an interview during Super Bowl weekend for the second straight year, an event that has become a tradition in recent years.

Biden also, according to reports, is doing "fewer interviews."

In fact, that's been a feature of his tenure in the White House, and the Washington Examiner characterizes his efforts in 2020 as a "basement campaign" and says many are expecting a rerun in 2024.

So when President Trump, pointing out Biden's refusal to do a Super Bowl interview, suggested a replacement debate, Biden pooh-poohed the idea.

Biden, after the challenge by Trump, the leader among GOP candidates by dozens and dozens of points, said, "Well, if I were him, I’d want to debate me, too."

Biden, who has been integral in multiple civil and criminal cases leftist and Democrat prosecutors have brought against Trump, in apparent efforts to torpedo his campaign, claimed, "He's got nothing else to do."

Trump previously challenged Biden to debate several weeks ago, when he said during a radio interview he would "look forward" to that event.

The Guardian pointed out that Democrat prosecutors have assembled some 90 charges against President Trump, apparently in the hope that a conviction would undermine his campaign this year. Those cases have been brought by prosecutors whose own reputations appear squishy, with scandals surrounding several. Even the integrity of the judges in several of the cases has been challenged, as they publicly made harsh statements condemning Trump, then refused to recuse from hearing the charges against him despite their own publicly expressed opinions.

According to Fox News, when Trump called for an "immediate" debate, Biden ran, metaphorically.

"I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country," Trump said.

Trump pointed out that he believes the presidential debate commission is "corrupt," but he would do their debates anyway.

"I’ll do as many debates as they want. I’d do a debate every night with this guy. But he’ll never show up to a debate," he predicted.

Trump, meanwhile, has declined to debate his GOP primary challengers in recent months, a time during which he's largely held leads of 40 or 50 points.

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