Report: Biden campaign staffers abruptly end TV interviews with candidate twice in one week

When presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden opens his mouth, there is no telling what might come out, hence the increasingly obvious campaign strategy of limiting his appearances and shielding him from questions.

That technique was made quite apparent on Tuesday when — for the second time within a single week — Biden campaign staffers were caught interrupting and abruptly ending interviews between the candidate and local news reporters in Arizona, as Breitbart reported.

Biden staffer intervenes

Former Vice President Biden was engaged in an interview with Arizona’s local ABC affiliate when a question was asked about President Donald Trump, to which Biden began to reply, “He’s sick! What’s with this guy?”

As the interviewer — anchor Steve Irvin — attempted to follow-up, Biden’s screen suddenly went dark and the name of Ari Krupkin — the Biden campaign’s director of production — appeared on the black background and a disembodied voice, presumably that of Krupkin, said, “Steve, that’s our time.”

“OK. Alright. I appreciate your time. Uh, thanks so much to, uh, Mr. Vice President as well,” Irvin replied, according to Breitbart. Suddenly, Biden reappeared on the screen and said “Thank you” before going dark once more. Take a look:

Not the first time

Breitbart noted that just one week earlier on July 14, something similar occurred while Biden was being interviewed by Arizona’s local NBC affiliate, when roughly six and half minutes into the discussion, a disembodied voice interjected to inform anchor Mark Curtis that his next question would be his last.

That warning was apparently ignored, however, as Curtis continued to ask another question, and the conversation continued for several more minutes — that is, until just shy of 11 minutes, when Biden’s screen suddenly went dark and the same voice said, “Mark, that’s our time. Thanks so much,” he added, according to Breitbart.

Curtis either missed or ignored that remark from the staffer and proceeded to ask his question, which surprisingly resulted in Biden suddenly reappearing to provide an answer for a moment prior to the whole interview ending without any sort of goodbye or attempt to sign off. Watch below:

No questions, please

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that — again on Tuesday — Biden held a roughly 20-minute “press conference” in which he laid out his proposed coronavirus response policy and then ended the event without taking a single question from the gathered reporters, instead saying, “Thank you for listening and I look forward to having your questions at another time — but I’m off to another event.”

There can be no denying that Biden’s campaign staffers, with the complicity of the mainstream media, are working hard to protect their candidate from questions that could prompt a gaffe or misstatement that would damage his campaign. Just imagine the outrage if President Donald Trump dared to take a similar approach.

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