Biden snubs oil execs, meets with wind execs instead

President Joe Biden did not meet with oil company executives that were summoned to Washington to “do something” about high gas prices, but he did meet with wind company executives Thursday, making the snub of oil execs even more pronounced.

Critics say Biden has allowed gas prices to skyrocket in order to further his climate change agenda, which has the goal of getting away from fossil fuels altogether even though our economy and livelihoods depend on them.

Biden claimed the country would “build a better America” by investing more into wind energy.

He claimed that wind companies have a plan to produce enough energy to power 10 million homes by 2030–30 gigawatts. That is only about 7% of the total homes in the U.S., however.

Biden’s demands

A purported 77,000 jobs could be created by the wind energy efforts, Biden claimed.

Seven major oil companies sent executives to meet with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Thursday, but Biden could not be bothered to go to that meeting.

He has asked for a three-month pause on the federal gas tax and implored oil companies to increase production and cut their profits to help out the American consumer.

He also asked gas stations to cut their profits, which are often only a meager 2-10 cents per gallon on gas.

“Actually a meeting”

In recent days, Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth accused Biden of trying to “vilify” fossil fuel companies. Biden’s response: Wirth is “mildly sensitive.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden had attended the wind energy meeting because there were state governors in attendance in person and virtually.

She said it was “actually a meeting” on Biden’s schedule, unlike the oil company meeting.

Even without Biden in attendance, Wirth said he felt “optimistic about our ability to work together to achieve these shared objectives” and that the meeting was “an important step toward achieving greater energy security, economic prosperity and environmental protection.”

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