Joe Biden slurs and stumbles through Pittsburgh speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden officially launched his campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination last week, and held his first official campaign event on Monday in Pittsburgh with a group of union workers.

But Biden couldn’t even make it through the brief speech without sounding like he’d been drinking, slurring and badly mispronouncing various words and phrases as he tried to connect with blue-collar union workers.

Biden slurs his words

Grabien compiled a short, one-minute montage of clips from Biden’s Pittsburgh speech that highlighted his difficulties in properly pronouncing certain words.

Watch below:

Biden began by pronouncing “Allegheny County” as “balagetty county,” and pronounced “hedge funds” as “hudge fund managers.”

Speaking of cuts that UAW union workers took to their pensions, Biden seemed to combine the words “extraordinary” and “incredible” into a sort of slurred word that came out as “extredible.”

There were other words that came out slightly wrong and were immediately corrected, other words that were seemingly left out of sentences, and even a few slurred utterings that were completely indecipherable.

Feeling his age?

Breitbart reporter John Nolte pointed out that Biden would be 78-years-old by the time of the next presidential swearing-in ceremony, and perhaps more so than others who aren’t far behind him in years, he is really showing his age.

To be sure, both President Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders are in their 70s, and for whatever anyone has to say about either of them, both speak well enough.

Perhaps even more so than that, both Trump and Sanders exhibit a greater level of vitality and energy than has been shown by Biden.

While Biden may have sounded drunk, it’s unlikely that he was. Biden told the New York Times in 2010 that he doesn’t drink alcohol, saying, “There are enough alcoholics in my family.” President Donald Trump also abstains from alcohol.

It is unclear why Biden seemed to struggle so much in delivering his speech in Pittsburgh. He suffered from a stutter as a child — perhaps it is returning in his old age?

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