Poll shows Biden rapidly slipping in early primary states

You don’t necessarily have to win the first four primary states in order to secure a presidential nomination, but it is advisable to at least be in the mix.

Based on the latest polling, it appears as though that may not be the case for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. His poll numbers have collapsed in the critical state of New Hampshire, sending his aides scrambling for a new strategy to save his floundering campaign, Breitbart reported.

Crashing and burning

Biden is still widely considered the frontrunner in this race by most Democrats. However, the polls are starting to tell a completely different story.

The more the former vice president gets out there on the campaign trail, the more voters are starting to move away from him.

We expected Biden to have a problem in states with significant minority populations because of some recent gaffes, but it turns out that white voters are the ones shying away from Biden now.

A recent poll by Suffolk University/Boston Globe released earlier this week has all but taken Biden out of consideration for New Hampshire.

Concerning news for Biden

If you were to just take a look at the numbers without considering the past, it would really be no big deal. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that Biden once had in the vicinity of 40% support nationally.

Now, however, he is in the fourth position and continuing to drop. The really important number in that poll, though, has to do with Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his growing support.

Buttigieg was once hovering in the 5% support range, and now he is rolling at 13% and picking up more supporters every day. Sen. Tulsi Gabbard is also making a notable push in recent weeks.

Although she only has 6% of the vote at present, that is more than double what she had just a few months ago, proving that people are starting to buy into “moderate” candidates other than Joe Biden.

In all, it is estimated that Joe Biden has lost about 9% since previous polls, with Buttigieg taking most of those voters and rising by 7%.

Biden has nobody but himself to blame for this, either, as he has made gaffe after gaffe. His most recent one involved a rude encounter with a Latino voter, telling the man to vote for Trump, even though he was a former Obama volunteer and supporter.

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