Biden slammed for spending very little time at WH during his Afghanistan blunder

In times of great crisis, like what has unfolded in Afghanistan over the past two weeks, Americans don’t expect their president and top leaders to have all of the answers, but they do expect them to be present and active in the moment.

According to Fox News, it’s not surprising why President Joe Biden is tanking in his approval ratings and being criticized from both sides of the political aisle, as he has reportedly spent a total of a mere four full days in the White House since the Afghanistan crisis began to take shape on Aug. 6. 

What’s going on?

As Fox News writer Tyler Olson pointed out, Biden has spent far too much time away from the White House during what he labeled “one of the worst international crises” in modern U.S. history.

It took days of public pressure and criticism just to get the president back to the White House last week to address a concerned nation — and a concerned world, really — on the rapid fall of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s unbelievably fast rise to power.

But even after his first address, which was widely criticized for a lack of substance, Biden immediately returned back to Camp David to continue his vacation, leaving millions of Americans scratching their heads.

Biden would make a trip back to the White House two days later to address the nation but he was once again excoriated by pundits and usually friendly media outlets as he only spoke about COVID-19 booster shots and refused to take even a single question on the Afghanistan crisis that he essentially allowed to happen.

Since Aug. 6, the president has spent only four full days in the White House where he didn’t travel to either Camp David or his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware, leaving many to wonder why America doesn’t seem to have much in the way of leadership at the present moment.

It gets worse

Astonishingly, after Biden’s latest address to the nation on the situation, which happened early Friday afternoon, he was originally set to disappear once again to his Delaware home, where he seems to enjoy spending most of his time.

Once again, it was seemingly only after facing another round of intense criticism and pressure that the White House altered his schedule at the last minute so that the president would remain in the White House, where any president worth his or her salt would remain for the duration of a crisis involving thousands of Americans essentially trapped behind enemy lines.

“President Biden will not be travelling to Wilmington as he had been scheduled to do so, per a White House official. He will instead remain at the White House this weekend,” a White House official said, according to the New York Post.

With any luck, Biden will consider his vacation over at this point in time, and focus a little more on the Americans and thousands of Afghan allies he’s left stranded behind Taliban checkpoints.

Nobody ever honestly thought Biden would be an outstanding president, but after how we’ve watched him perform during this botched Afghanistan situation, it’s no wonder there are people saying he makes Jimmy Carter look not so bad, after all.

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