Biden slammed for not taking measures to increase domestic energy production

As Russia’s Vladimir Putin nears the third week of his illegal and deadly invasion of neighboring Ukraine, the conflict exacerbated the cost of energy prices abroad, especially in America on President Joe Biden’s watch.

Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton recently dedicated his show to pointing out how Biden is destroying America by not taking appropriate measures to offset the massive spike in energy and gas prices, which the White House claims is a “sacrifice” that Americans need to make for the Ukrainians or something along those lines.

“Biden has a chance to help Americans by boosting a vital sector of our economy and reducing energy costs – but he chooses not to – he chooses to kill American jobs, raise American prices and keep Putin’s energy lifeline going,” Hilton tweeted over the weekend.

Biden doesn’t care

Hilton is far from the only one slamming Biden and his administration for standing back while Americans continue to suffer not only through sky-high energy costs but also rising, record-setting inflation that has significantly increased the cost of living for most Americans.

Biden has been heavily criticized in the past, but especially now, for his poorly thought out decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project in his first days in office, which would have not only helped increase domestic energy production but would have also created tens of thousands of American jobs.

According to Fox News, residents of a small South Dakota town recently sounded off on Biden’s asinine, anti-American energy policies.

“He does not care,” Paulette, a resident of Philip, South Dakota told Fox News. “If he did care, Keystone would be going.”

“Biden and his administration ran on Build Back Better, and, that is, from where I’m standing, a load of crap,” West Central Electric Cooperative CEO Jeff Birkeland told Fox News. “I think his new slogan should be ‘butchering booming business.'”

“No common sense”

“There’s no common sense in making that decision to shut down pipelines – and then turn around and we have a problem with not having enough oil,” said Philip motel owner Duane Adair.

Many have opined that if former President Donald Trump were still in office, America’s economic problems would either be far less consequential or even non-existent, as the former president made sure the country moved to a state of energy independence.

The worst part, at this point, is that the situation is likely to become much worse before it begins to improve, which might not happen until — hopefully — American voters elect Trump or another conservative president in 2024. Only time will tell.

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