Biden clearly shows signs of cognitive decline in concerning interaction with reporters

October 19, 2023
Ben Marquis

There are very real concerns among most Americans about the increasingly obvious decline of President Joe Biden's cognitive abilities and mental fitness for the grueling job he holds.

Those concerns were validated and bolstered Wednesday evening when Biden delivered a rambling and barely coherent response while answering a question from a reporter, according to the Daily Wire.

The incident occurred on board Air Force One following the president's visit to Israel to address the developing conflict that erupted after a horrific wave of terror attacks by Hamas from Gaza against predominately civilian Israelis and foreign citizens, including dozens of Americans, last weekend.

Biden's halting and nearly incomprehensible speech

During the press gaggle, President Biden was asked about meeting with American survivors of the attack and other first responders, and initially replied with a halting speech, "That’s all personal. Look, I -- I spent an hour and a half, about, with 17 or 18 before -- I spent with them and -- I don’t know how to say this."

Following a lengthy pause that seemingly continued even as he attempted to formulate a complete sentence, the president said, "Virtually every ... mass shooting ... every ... circumstance where ... a large number of people have been victimized ... and lost ... I’ve spoken with them."

"I learned a long time ago ... which you’ve all learned in your life as well ... when someone is going through something ... that is beyond their comprehension ... that they never thought they’d have to go through ... if they see someone who they think understands or maybe been through something ... not the same, but similar ... it gives them some sense of hope," he continued.

"And I always get criticized sometimes by my staff because when I go to these events, I stay for three or four hours and answer all their questions ... but it matters ... it matters a lot," Biden said. "And, uh ...  and, look, I’m talking -- some of you have gone through a hell of a lot more than I’ve gone through ... and a lot more than other people have gone through, and you understand."

"So, it’s just -- it’s just a ... people are looking for just something to grab, something that gives them some sense -- sense of hope. And ... that’s -- if I can do a little bit of that, then ... it’s ... you know ... it’s worth doing. It was done for me, so ... ok?"

Obviously concerned Sec. Blinken joins roughly two-thirds of the American people

It is worth noting that in the video of President Biden's rambling and nearly incoherent response to the reporter's question, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was just barely visible as he peeked around a corner to keep an eye on his boss, and his weary face showed all too clearly that even he seemingly has concerns about the president's mental capabilities.

Blinken most certainly is not alone in that regard, as The Hill reported last month on a recent NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ survey which found that 52.21% of voters were "very concerned" about Biden's cognitive health, while another 22.1% were "somewhat concerned" by what they've seen and heard from him.

That tracks with a CNN/SSRS poll released earlier in September which found that 73% of all Americans, including 56% of Democrats, were "seriously concerned about Biden’s current level of physical and mental competence."

Biden is simply no longer capable of doing the job

By now, countless polls have shown over the past two years that President Biden is now too old and too mentally infirm to continue serving out the rest of his term in office, much less run for a second term as the nominal leader of the free world.

Further, given the mounting crises on multiple fronts, whether they be economic or military, there are legitimate concerns that Biden is simply incapable of meeting the moment and doing what must be done to protect Americans, whether at home or abroad, or to display strength and virility in the face of challenges from enemies and rivals who are making moves at this very moment to try and take full advantage of his apparent weakness of both mind and body.

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