Biden shrugs off voters who feel they’re ‘better off’ under Trump admin: Report

Joe Biden just made a mistake that could finally prove to be the nail in the coffin for his campaign. (Honestly, it’s unbelievable that he’s even lasted this long.)

According to The Washington Times, the former vice president was asked Monday for his opinion on a new poll from Gallup that revealed, in the Times’ words, that “56% of registered voters had reported being better off now than they were four years ago under the Obama–Biden administration.”

“Why should people who feel that they are better off today, under the Trump administration, vote for you?” a reporter pressed the Democrat White House hopeful, according to the Times.

Biden’s answer? “Well, if they think that, they probably shouldn’t [vote for me].”

“Their memory is not very good”

Keep in mind: this wasn’t an attack from a reporter that left Biden flustered; it was a softball question that he should have been able to knock out of the park. But it seems Uncle Joe couldn’t pull this one off.

“If they think — 54% of the American people are better off economically today than they were under our administration?” he asked. “Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly.”

It was an ironic statement, especially considering that the correct number is, in fact, 56%.

But the bigger issue for Biden is that he can’t seem to convince voters who aren’t already on his side to swing his way.

“You should vote for Trump”

Indeed, it’s a recurring problem that it’s hard to recall happening with any other presidential candidate — or any candidate, for that matter. It seems Biden thinks telling voters not to choose him at the ballot box is an effective campaign strategy.

“Look me over,” he told voters in one moment featured in a VICE News video compilation from January of this year. “If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other person.”

“You should vote for Trump,” he said in another exchange with a voter from South Carolina, according to VICE. Take a look for yourself:

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