Biden sets record for federal judge appointments

Business Insider reports that President Joe Biden, at this point in his presidency, has appointed more judges to the federal courts than just about any of his predecessors. 

The only president, in fact, to appoint more federal judges than Biden, at this point in his presidency, is John F. Kennedy. Biden has outpaced everyone else, including Donald Trump and Barrack Obama.


Last summer, it was reported that Biden was outstripping his predecessors when it comes it comes to appointing judges to the federal courts.

At the time, Biden and his allies in the Senate managed to confirm eight judges, while nominating 30 others. To put that into perspective, Trump and the Senate, at the same point in his presidency, only managed to confirm four judges.

With over 100 positions still open, there was no sign that Biden and the Democrat-led Senate was going to slow down, and they didn’t.

Biden kept the pace up through December. Yahoo News reported at the time that “Biden has been able to muscle through the most federal judges in his first year in office in nearly 40 years.”

Now, Biden has continued this trend through the present day.

The latest

According to Business Insider, as of Aug. 8, Biden and the Democrat-led Senate have managed to confirm 75 of the judges that Biden has nominated to the federal courts. This includes one Supreme Court justice, 18 appellate court judges, and 57 district court judges.

As stated earlier, that’s more than any other president than John F. Kennedy. Kennedy, at the same point in his presidency, appointed 102 judges to the federal courts, including one Supreme Court Justice, 16 appellate court judges, and 85 district court judges.

Biden, here, has blown his recent predecessors out of the water. Trump, for example, only appointed 51 federal judges at the same point in his presidency, and Obama, only 42. The three former presidents who come closest to Biden are Bill Clinton with 74, George W. Bush with 72, and Ronald Reagan with 72.

One ought not to underestimate just how significant a president’s appointments to the federal courts are: we see its importance nearly every day when we see, for example, an Obama-appointed judge make an impactful decision.

The saving grace at the moment for Republicans is the conservative majority of the Supreme Court.

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